Who is Bernie?


I was born and raised in Singapore. I grew up reading books by Enid Blyton, and my idols were Bros, Pet Shop Boys, and New Kids on the Block. Free time was spent in bookstores like Borders, Kinokuniya, and Times. I had a cassette and CD collection of all my favorite music artists. Cartoons included MASK, Transformers, Gummi Bears, Sesame Street, the Muppets and the Electric Company. We used to have sticker books and you had to buy sticker packs to fill up the empty boxes within those books.

I used to have a pen pal from Sweden. We used to "write" to each other. Yes, pen and paper. Snail mail.

When the Internet came into our lives in the form of IRC channels, ICQ, and websites, I embraced it. I was so excited about being able to converse with anyone around the world, and to be able to create "web pages" of your very own content to share with the world. The year was 1995.

I've always been seen as "crazy" in my own way. If YouTube or the Internet were around in the 1980s in Singapore, I truly believe I would be famous. You see, from a young age, I love to explore, and I mean, I would take public buses to go from one end of Singapore to the other just to see what's out there. I would take the yellow pages (yes!), get all the addresses of pet shops in Singapore, and visit every single one of them. If only I had the means to document all of this.

You cannot believe how truly blessed we all are today with the Internet and with global communities and how traveling is so cheap these days, and how social media has made information and knowledge available with a click of a mouse, or a swipe of the cellphone. This is the reason why I embrace technology, and want to be part of it, and contribute to it as well, to do good.

My career has been about learning technology and applying it to the organizations that I work with. From programming, to marketing, the convergence of every function with technology is mind-boggling. 

We live in exciting times, and my advice is, "DON'T READ NEWS HEADLINES". Get it?

Let's go change our world.