Twitter shutting down Vine

I remember when I tried Vine for the first time I was fascinated at how you could make stop motion videos so easily - record, pause, record pause - and the video that was created looked really cool. It was one of the first few apps that could do that. It's popularity grew so much that Twitter bought it in October 2012, just 4 months after its launch.

I've seen social media platforms come and go, and from the outside looking in, I have two observations: 

1/ Attention Competition - this is what it boils down to. If you are not able to get that mindshare from your audience, you're toast. Giants like Facebook, LINE, WeChat, YouTube could just incorporate your core features and functionalities and you're gone. Always look behind you and innovate faster than anybody else.

2/ Love your audience, give them your all - when I see how Facebook incorporated the most ridiculous things like animated gifs and emojis, stickers, I didn't get it in the beginning. Now I understand that we sometimes do not want fancy features, it's the little things that make people stay, the warm and fuzzy stuff. Same for LINE, with their characters Brown and Cony.

So there, just my two cents. Ultimately you just need to grab attention by the horns and give it a warm fuzzy hug. I'm sad to see Vine go, but it's because all the social media giants are getting too darn powerful!

RIP Vine. 

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