Can everything be done from a smart phone?

Ever since I got my new iPhone 7 Plus with 256GB I told myself that I wouldn't have any money left to buy a new personal laptop. And having an iPhone this size and and iPad just doesn't make sense. I currently have a Magsafe cabled MacBook Pro with an SD card reader, and I'm not that eager to "downgrade" to the latest MacBook Pro.

So I'm trying to live life through just my phone. And it is getting much easier with more sophisticated apps. Here's what I could do on my phone now

  • Save and access files through Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive
  • Edit documents using Microsoft Office
  • Edit my videos using iMovie
  • Create artwork on Canva
  • Manage tasks on JIRA
  • Manage my social media channels on Facebook and YouTube using their admin tools app
  • Buy Starbucks coffee
  • Watch a webinar
  • Check my Singtel bill
  • Check email (DUH)
  • Buy Starbucks coffee
  • Pay for stuff (Apple Pay)
  • Buy movie tickets
  •  ...

There's literally an app for almost anything you want to do. The downside of the apps is some apps do not have the full feature set on the phone as they have on desktop. For example, on YouTube mobile you couldn't upload a customized thumbnail. This could only be done on a desktop browser. For Outlook on mobile I'm limited in my ability to reschedule appointments on my calendar

Having said that I still have to bring my work laptop with me as some business tools still require the use a laptop. I wish for the day when I don't have to.

Are you "Phone Only"?


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