Make Decisions, Not Resolutions

If I had a dollar every time I tell people I'm going on a diet but end up reaching out for that fourth piece of fire floss bun (Singaporeans know what I'm talking about ...), or ordering that bowl of laksa, I'd be a millionaire.

Resolutions don't work, at least for me. And the reason? There's no accountability! It is always something aspirational, and no one is going to beat you up for not following through. At the very least you feel guilty, but hey, the aroma of that fire floss bun was just too awesome to resist!

So, in 2017, I'm making decisions, not resolutions.

  • I decide to post at least one vlog every week
  • I decide to spend my weekday evenings meaningfully with my daughter
  • I decide to spend less time consuming social media, and more time contributing to social media (subscribe to my YouTube channel!)
  • I decide to de-clutter my life by selling all my extra junk on Carousell and never buying another "collectible item" even again

And what is the difference between a resolution and a decision you ask? One of them includes commitment and a foreseeable outcome, the other is just ... "good to have".

So what are your decisions for 2017?


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